The One Habit a Neuroscientist Prioritizes

If you hurry to get out of bed for an early morning workout, you should consider this permission to sleep by The alarm. While exercise is essential for overall health, neglecting sleep can negate the supportive benefits of the brain.

“Of all the healthy brain habits, sleep always seems to be the one that people put in the background,” says Tara Swart, MD, Ph.D., neuroscientist and author of the source. “In my opinion, this is more important than diet, exercise, hydration and even meditation,” she adds.

Why is sleep more important for the brain?

When we sleep, the brain repairs cells, restores energy and creates new memories.

If we do not sleep to get up for a long time and watch TV, or we can not fall asleep because of Stress, anxiety or other external influences, the brain does not have time to recover.

Diet, exercise, hydration and meditation support the brain in different ways. “However, if you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t have enough energy to tackle all these other things,” says Swart.

Think about it: if you are both hungry and exhausted, you can order to go instead of preparing a nutritious meal. If you do not sleep during a working day, you can give priority to coffee over water, which leads to dehydration.

during meditation, you can simply drift to a light sleep.

Sleep not only allows the brain to get rid of excess waste and increase energy levels, but it also promotes gut health, immune function and general mood (hence the term: waking up on the wrong side of the bed).

How to promote superior sleep.

Poor sleep affects us beyond night throwing and spinning. The effects of sleep deprivation on the brain can affect other areas of our health and lifestyle. Here are some ways to promote superior sleep:

  • Stick to a nightly routine and bedtime.
  • Try sleeping naked.
  • If your partner keeps you awake at night, consider a sleep annulment.
  • Find out how many hours of sleep you need.
  • Wrap yourself without electronics before sleeping.
  • Take a sleep support supplement.
  • Keep your room cool.

Final result.

Sacrificing sleep for exercise, work, or other responsibilities is actually counterproductive. You will get more out of your day if you have more energy, you will also give your brain and body time to sleep.

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