The Hydration Habit Creative Ways to Drink More Water

Sometimes the only difference in the middle of a good day and a bad day is the total of water we were able to drink. Seriously, we forget how much hydration has to do with feeling good—until we’re dehydrated and that brain fog, irritability and fatigue hit us hard. Drinking water is the number 1 we can do for our overall well-being, but why is it so hard to do something so simple? Because if hydration is not a real habit, it does not stick.

The Habit Of Hydration.

An oft-cited statistic shows that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. We think we don’t need to drink more water, but studies remind us that when we are dehydrated, our brain swells, neural inflammation patterns change, and we are more likely to slip into unnecessary tasks. The truth is that if we are really interested in showing ourselves as our best self, it’s time to put some energy into forming a new hydration habit.

It sounds simple: drink more water. And the secret to overcoming this resistance is to make hydration creative and fun. It turns hydration into something we want to do until it feels less like a chore and more automatic. It was our great Epiphany when we tried Twining’s cold flavored water enhancers. All it takes is an infuser in a bottle of water (or a glass!) for cold water that is always light and refreshing, but with a subtle touch of flavor that is purely exciting.

That’s where we started thinking… How can we choose The plot of Basic H2O? Check out these creative ways to make hydration a habit:

Improve your water with Infusers.

Universal fact: Flavored water is more pleasant to drink. But the last thing we need is a sweet brew that dwarfs the health benefits of hydration. Twinings cold brew water enhancers give the water enough flavor to be dashing, but they are sugar-free and without artificial ingredients. Each infuser is immersed in cold water to add delicious fruit and herb aromas.

After dropping an infuser into your water bottle, here’s what happens. First, your water invigorates with a beautiful shade. The bright red of the watermelon & mint flavor, for example, is an invitation to drink! Then it’s the taste that holds you back for more. The point is: once you fall into a fruity Infusion of mango and madness fruit, you want to hydrate yourself… And that’s the ticket.

Drink carbonated Water as a real Treat.

People are strange—we fear the clarity of the water, but if we add bubbles, We can not resist. If you don’t feel motivated to hydrate, treat yourself to sparkling water. Making water more exciting is the key to the habit of moisturizing more often.

Best of all, add a Twinings Cold Infuse Water Enhancer to your sparkling water-bubbles meet a strawberry and lemon summer flavor? Who could resist?

Add a little Flair to your hydration gear.

Our mind is easily bored and easily deceived. Do you know what is as boring as Clear water? A Plastic Water Bottle. Getting a reusable water bottle that you love and want to carry around is half the action to convince your mind to hydrate. (Our favorites are these super-swanky bkr glass bottles – half fashion statement, half Hydration.) Bring back the crazy straws of your youth and drink. You can drop the Dee loops, but trust us: with these monochrome reusable straws, you’ll find reasons to drink more water.

Use an app to remind you to drink more water

It is quite difficult to drink enough water to achieve our daily goal, let alone the number of drinks we had. The Daily Water Tracker Reminder is an application that, in addition to a few inspirations, monitors water absorption for us.

If we are honest, as creators and agitators, it is easy to get lost in work and creativity to the point that we simply forget to hydrate. We think “after” and then it’s 15 o’clock and our brain is a dry sponge. But a hydration notification that appears on our phone? Now they speak our language.

Make every work break a hydration break.

Whenever you step away from your desk to get some fresh air or reset your eyes, take the opportunity to improve your daily hydration. Fill your bottle with water, give Twinings Cold Infuse (Lemon & Ginger is a refreshing midday flavor) and after five minutes you’ll have an abundance of enhanced water that you can take back to your desk.Do this often enough, and your brain automatically associates work breaks with water breaks.

What it takes to make a habit.

Research has long confirmed that habits are formed by the repetition of a simple act. We all want to drink water, but obviously something is lost in translation. Staying on repeat is a breeze if it’s really fun, what Twinings Cold Infuse does for a simple bottle or glass of water. And since the best time to hydrate is right now, we slide the screens aside, pour a glass and lift a glass to start a new healthy habit!

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