Researchers Says Daily Breath Practice Can Lower Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular health issue is the leading cause of passed away here in the United States, with doctors often prescribing medication and exercise to help people strengthen their respiratory muscles.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, there is a simple five-minute breathing technique that could be as effective as medication or exercise in reducing high blood pressure, a major peril factor for cardiovascular health issue. Here’s what he found.

What is inspiratory muscle training?

Inspiratory muscle training or IMST was first developed to help people with severe respiratory health issues strengthen their respiratory muscles. It is about inhaling through a handheld device that resists your inhalation and forces you to breathe harder and deeper. These Devices are inexpensive and available online.

For this study, the researchers wanted to strengthen resistance, but use a shorter duration than the standard low-resistance IMST method of 30 minutes.

They had participated in 36 mature (aged 50 to 79 years) with high blood pressure, half of them using highly resistant

IMSTS for 30 inhalations (about five minutes) six days a week and the other half using a low resistance Placebo.

What the Study found.

After just six weeks, those who took a highly resistant IMST reduced the systolic blood pressure of the group by an average of nine points, and after an additional six weeks without IMST, the benefits were not yet exhausted.

Their “vascular endothelial function”, which allows the arteries to expand if necessary, also improved by 45%, as did the level of nitric oxide, which prevents the formation of plaques in the arteries. Inflammatory and oxidative stress markers were also lowered in the IMST group.

Above all, these improvements were just as good, if not superior than the benefits of aerobic exercise and medication. As lead author and assistant research professor Daniel Craighead, Ph.D., said in a press release: “we found that [High strength Imst] is not only more effective over time than traditional training programs, but the benefits can also last longer.”

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